Home Estimate

Service Overview

We offer on site free estimate or professional quote on the phone depending of your request.


House Estimate?

Every customer is different and so are their move and packing requirements. Our  team of experts will visit your current location to best assess your move and present you an estimate that reflects all your needs. Rest assured that Harmony Movers will carry on with your move in a safe manner ensuring that all items arrive damage-free to your destination.  

Furthermore, we will do a post-delivery inspection process to guarantee that everything we handled was safely transported and delivered, and that you are completely satisfied with the service we offered. 

Additional Service

Shall you have larger and heavier objects and limited moving space, our dedicated and knowledgeable team can also offer you craning and hoisting services.

Best Practices.

By using the latest technology in our field, our customers will get the best service and satisfaction. We follow and adhere to top market standards. All while remaining fairly priced and cost-effective. Our team is customer-centered and available 24/7. We will be there to assist you every step of the way. You’re in good hands!


  • Distance to be covered (The greater the distance, the higher the cost).
  • Moving date. Based on demand, prices vary depending on the time of the year.
  • The size of your move and the number of specially delicate items.