Long Distance

Service Overview

Moving across provincial lines can be stressful. Our mission at Harmony Movers is to make sure your move is completely stress free for you, your family, and even your business. No matter the distance, especially when interprovincial, our moving company will provide you with the necessary insurance policy to guarantee your move is safe at all times.


How it Works:

Any move greater than 100 km within or away from Montreal will be considered a long distance move. Harmony Movers promises affordable and reliable long distance moving services. We guarantee a hustle-free and secure move from start to finish.

  • Pre- moving planning
  • Specialized Equipment's and vehicles:
  • Set-Up
  • Storage Management
  • Post-move Evaluation

Get an estimate

After getting in touch, we will provide you with an estimate by taking into consideration the distance to be covered as well as the number of movers needed based on the size of your move. We will also consider the number of trucks needed, fuel, and in some cases, hotel and meal accommodations.

Pre-Move Planning

Prior to your moving date, you will receive a call confirmation. Along the move, you can always reach the driver and foreman. Their contact information will be massaged to you prior to the start.


Destination Meetup

We will keep you informed throughout the entire moving process. Once we reach the final destination, we will ask you to meet us to complete some quick paperwork.

Unique Approach

Our business culture is centered around you. We prioritize outstanding customer service and will ensure that once we make it to your destination all your belongings are checked to make sure there are no damages.

Service Benefits

Already long-distance moving is a stressful work but when you choose Harmony Movers you don’t worry about anything. We offer hourly fixed rate or flat cost per km based on the travel time or distance so that the bad weather conditions, detours or even accidents will not affect your budget. Time is valuable. When it comes to long-distance moving, our expert movers and packers will pack your belongings within one or two days depending on how many items you want to move and the delivery will be secured.

Based on your requirements, we offer limited liability, added protection and full value coverage.